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China Knowledge: "Learn the playing field...

How good is your understanding of the market size and your competitor products or services in China today. We provide clear strategy for marketing and distribution channels for your product or service. Import/export documentation for China customs requirements (of goods). Brand and product IP registration and protection

Build your custom China brand face and platforms

Quality Translated communication, Chinese web site and or/ additional pages to own site, including design of packaging and marketing collateral. China friendly brand face and brand/product customisation. Brand/ business "registered on China internet." Online China friendly store design and build.

China paperwork and logistics

China CRM: "China telephone number" and contacts. 3rd party e-commerce platforms. Import/ export paperwork and logistics tech support. China point of return (for refunds and returned goods) and quality control. Registered B2B and B2C China marketing and promotional campaign platforms.

Start to sell sell sell!

Digital promotions China SEM: Search Engine Marketing to drive new visitor traffic. China SEO: Search Engine China Social Media to assist with CRM. Trade fair attendance and support.

Expand your market share

"Quality control:" of rejected products, for marketing campaigns and customer service. China business tracking and reporting. Customer service: live sales support. Market watch: stay on top of your competitors.

Marketing Strategy.

Compellingly fabricate high-quality products rather than wireless scenarios. Globally seize integrated outsourcing with highly efficient e-services.

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